3 - In which God suprises me yet again...

The girls and I don't watch much tv. We're regular visitors to Elmo's World on Sesame Street. We occasionally enjoy Paula's Home Cooking. Most of the time, however, we enjoy playing without the distraction of television. So we were having fun stacking blocks, blissfully unaware that a tornado was touching down less than two miles away! One of my girlfriends called with the horrifying news. So off we scooted to the girls room with snacks in hand to wait out the storm. Thankfully, everything was ok but I scolded myself all evening for not having a weather radio... and researched them online hoping to find the perfect and simple radio to meet our needs (I don't do well with lots of buttons). I couldn't find one priced to fit in our budget.

Today I was on a solo mission to a doctor's appointment and hopped into a local thrift store. Love thrifting! As I was checking out, one of the workers was asking where to place a weather radio that just came in... brand new... with instructions... priced at $5! I placed my money on the counter and said with a waver in my voice "No need to put it out... I'll take it!" I'm so glad that You hold my future in Your hands. Thank you for the tiny miracles that You place in my path each and every day, Lord.

2 - As written by Merrie

Hey guys. Merrie here. Look how much fun my sister and I are having romping around in our diapers last week. Footloose and fancy free! I felt so free on the day in question that after my Mama got me dressed and put me down for a nap, I unsnapped my onesie. Then I got heady with power, wriggled around, and took off my diaper for some fresh air while taking a relaxing nap. I nodded off for about an hour and a half... then I awoke to a horrible scene. The delicious blueberries I enjoyed for lunch did not agree with me at all. Hmm. Who knew?? Lucky for me, my Mama doesn't have a weak stomach. Unluckily, I've been banned from n*a*k*e*d time. Rats! At least my hair looks snazzy!



Hello friends and family! I feel like I should make some type of importantant, meaningful post or "mission statement" for this blog e.g. Jerry McGuire. Um. Ok. Here goes... Merrie and Gracie are my miracle babies who have blessed me beyond measure and drive me batty... often in the same afternoon. Being a mother is the best job ever except for the constant cleaning as well as occasional lack of sleep. I want to save the stories, thoughts, and moments that are toddling past at the speed of light. I want this blog to inspire me to find blessings, those happy little things that God sends my way daily. I want to look back on this and smile. That's not too profund, but it's where I'm at. Well, I'm glad the ice is broken. Back to the babies. Let's chat again soon...