2 - As written by Merrie

Hey guys. Merrie here. Look how much fun my sister and I are having romping around in our diapers last week. Footloose and fancy free! I felt so free on the day in question that after my Mama got me dressed and put me down for a nap, I unsnapped my onesie. Then I got heady with power, wriggled around, and took off my diaper for some fresh air while taking a relaxing nap. I nodded off for about an hour and a half... then I awoke to a horrible scene. The delicious blueberries I enjoyed for lunch did not agree with me at all. Hmm. Who knew?? Lucky for me, my Mama doesn't have a weak stomach. Unluckily, I've been banned from n*a*k*e*d time. Rats! At least my hair looks snazzy!

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