4 - A Tale of Time Out

M and G ended up in the time out pack 'n play for running across the couches. Not allowed, little ones! So I gently and lovingly placed them in the play pen bracing myself for the inevitable crying.
My plan to correct their dangerous behavior seemed to be working as they stalked around the play pen with grumpy faces. Success!! I start planning my parenting book in my head... ;)

Mere moments later, however... I see this act of cuteness...
I begin to inform them that time out is a punishment! What am I supposed to do if they enjoy time out?? How can I fix this? And then I stop. And laugh. And laugh some more. The sneaky little things have outwitted me again! What a wonderful thing to find joy in any situation.
So I grab the camera. Put down my mental parenting manual. And joyfully learn a different lesson than the one I was trying to teach.


Liz said...

This is too cute!!! They are so adorable.

Katie said...

I know this is 'circa '08' BUT I love it!!! Too cute!!!